Care Guidelines for Cultured Marble

Cultured marble, when cared for properly, will provide years of worry free service. When cleaning cultured marble, use only non-abrasive cleansers with a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use any cleaners with abrasive particles as this will damage the gel coat finish. Examples of recommended products: Kaboom, Tackle, X-14, Dow Tub & Tile Cleaner or any liquid cleaner without abrasives

To check if a product is safe to use, place a small amount of cleanser between your fingers, if you feel “grit” do not use this product as it will dull the finish. NOTE: Use of products with ammonia will not damage cultured marble but should be used with caution as they may damage faucet finishes.

Use of household wax (i.e. Pledge) can enhance the shine of your cultured marble and make weekly cleaning much easier. After cleaning the cultured marble, apply the wax just like you would on furniture. This will apply a thin layer of wax to the surface of the marble, make water roll off easily and keep dirt from accumulating on the surface. Wax can be applied to all surfaces except shower bases and tub floors as this will make the “walking” surfaces slippery.

If small scratches should appear on your cultured marble after use, you can remove them by applying buffing compound. Buffing compound can be purchased from most car care stores. Purchase a compound which is light in color- it will contain the lightest abrasives; apply to clean cultured marble with a clean cloth. Allow to dry and buff off with a clean cloth just as you would your car. Then apply a hard paste wax, such as bowling alley wax or car paste wax. This will remove the small scratches and apply a protective layer of wax to the surface of the marble.

Discoloration or “yellowing” can occur when fresh air cannot reach the cultured marble surface. New products take a few months to completely cure, and during this time they need to “breathe”. Don’t leave objects in the same place for a long period of time on the surface of a new vanity top. This will prevent discoloration.